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Dr. Marcus International Sp. o.o. sp. k. company from Kalisz
implements Project No: WND-RPWP.01.04.01-30-0122 / 15:
Implementation of Export Development Plan in order to strengthen the company's Dr. Marcus International Sp. o.o. sp. k. position in the Spanish market and to start operating on the South African market.

The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund
within the framework of the Wielkopolska Regional Operational Programme for 2014-2020
Priority Axis 1: An innovative and competitive economy
Action 1.4: Internationalization of the regional economy
Sub-action: 1.4.1: Comprehensive support for the development of business activities on foreign markets for enterprises with export development plan




The total cost of the project (gross): 605.433,00 PLN

The total cost of the project (net): 511.800,00 PLN


The amount of funding from the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund:  435.030,00 PLN



Project description:


The need for the project is associated with the promotion of the Wielkopolska economy at foreign markets and, consequently, the development of sales of products of regional enterprises, so that the applicant will have the opportunity to develop export business. The project fully meets the needs of growth companies through exports because it allows to find foreign partners to be able to enter target markets and then present their products to the wide audience at the fair, as well as to promote their products within the framework of the permitted activities. Among the reasons of the project which should mentioned, there ares, as well, significant increase in revenues and development of further innovative products.

The Company's work should be a model for other Polish and in particular regional companies, demonstrating the fact that innovations are valuable and worth investing in. The company currently derives revenues from sales on the Polish market and also sells on approx. 40 markets around the world. In the plans for the extension of the export business, the biggest barrier is reaching new markets, attracting new partners, finding customers, effectively promoting products on the new markets so that they are competitive to other products already existing. The actions recommended by the Plan of Export Development, which has been drawn up for the needs of the Company, can become the way to overcome these barriers, which would result in the internationalization a new market - South Africa and to strengthen the position of the company on the Spanish market by promoting the products on foreign events and fairs as an exhibitor and purchasing databases dedicated to target markets.



Dr. Marcus International  Sp z o.o. Sp.K exhibits at the following trade fairs:

Automechanika Dubai Tradefair 08.05.2016 - 10.05.2016
Automechanika Frankfurt 13.09.2016 – 17.09 2016
Automechanika Buenos Aires 09.11.2016 – 12.11.2016
Automechanika Madrid 15.03.2017 - 18.03.2017


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                    Automechanika Dubai Tradefair 08.05.2016 - 10.05.2016                                           Automechanika Frankfurt 13.09.2016 – 17.09 2016

Dr.Marcus International Targi

Automechanika Buenos Aires 09.11.2016 – 12.11.2016